CEE President Quoted in NYT Article

Jul 18, 2014

New York Times article, Without Much Straining, Minnesota Reins In Its Utilities Carbon Emissions, highlights the work that is being done to advance Minnesota’s energy policy and meet both national and local carbon reduction goals. The article discusses how organizations, including CEE, have successfully worked with legislators and utilities to put these important reduction goals into action by incorporating both energy efficiency and renewable energy options.

CEE's President Sheldon Strom was interviewed for the article and is quoted discussing the work of the utilities to meet efficiency standards and specifically what happened in 2012 when the Legislature considered eliminating the 1.5 % efficiency mandate that CEE helped pass in 2012: 

In 2012, the Legislature considered eliminating the efficiency standard. “The utilities showed up at the Legislature and said, ‘It’s the lowest cost resource, best thing for our customers, we think it’s great,’ ” he said. “It surprised a lot of our elected officials.”

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