News: Minneapolis wants home sellers to check insulation, draftiness (Star Tribune)

Jan 11, 2019

From Star Tribune:

Minneapolis leaders want to add new requirements for anyone who sells an old home in the city that would require drilling a hole in a wall to check the insulation and using a special fan to see if the building is airtight.

The reviews by outside evaluators would give home buyers more information on how much energy is leaking out and help meet the city’s goal of fighting climate change through a more energy-efficient housing stock. A related proposal would require landlords to disclose average energy costs to prospective renters...

...Insulation checks and blower door tests are currently offered through Home Energy Squad visits, which are performed by CEE and subsidized by local utilities and some cities.

CEE staff at Monday’s meeting said drilling a 2 -inch hole to check for insulation is preferable to using infrared cameras because it shows how much insulation could be added. Energy bills are also not an ideal measurement, they said, because they vary widely.

“Your energy usage doesn’t tell you how to improve the home, and it doesn’t tell you why it’s high,” said Isaac Smith, CEE’s residential program development manager...

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