Media: Planners charting Minnesota’s energy future (Finance & Commerce)

Jan 2, 2018

From Finance & Commerce:

Mike-Bull-F-C-Bill-Klotz.jpgEnergy generation from wind and solar has grown significantly in Minnesota. Utilities have announced the retirement of thousands of megawatts of coal plants in the next decade. Popular technologies such as electric vehicles, sophisticated thermostats, battery storage and rooftop solar hold great potential to produce cleaner energy. And they pose challenges to the electric grid.

Minnesota is entering a new era of energy production that promises to upend the traditional power grid in the same way the internet, the iPhone and deregulation transformed communications over the past 30 years...

...Mike Bull, director of policy and external affairs for the Twin Cities-based Center for Energy and Environment, has watched how energy has been transformed for more than 20 years. He served in the Pawlenty administration, which in 2007 approved one of the nation’s leading renewable energy standards, and later was a resource planner with Xcel Energy.

“We’re at an inflection point,” he said. “We’re at a time when load growth is very flat, when consumers are asking for more services and clean power. It’s a disruptive time..."

(Photo credit: Bill Klotz, Finance & Commerce)

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