Media: New Year's Resolution: Get an advanced energy audit (Crow River)

Jan 4, 2018

From Crow River Media:

A New Year’s resolution for you: Finally get that advanced home energy audit and identify several energy-saving measures to save on your utility bills.

Many people assume there is little they can do to significantly reduce their energy use and increase the efficiency of their homes. In reality, there are many things that typical residents can do themselves and many other things they can hire others to do. The Minnesota Department of Commerce strongly recommends having an advanced home energy assessment, or home energy audit, before embarking on home energy improvements or remodeling...

...Neighborhood energy groups often partner with utilities to deliver audit services. For instance, the Center for Energy and Environment partners with Xcel Energy and CenterPoint Energy to deliver a service called the Home Energy Squad, which includes installing energy-saving products such as LED bulbs, weather-stripping, and programmable thermostats...

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