Media: Maximizing energy savings through the Conservation Improvement Program (Jordan Independent)

Jan 16, 2018

From Jordan Independent:

Recently we sat down with Minnesota State Senator Eric Pratt (District 55) to share our story about the positive economic impact of Minnesota’s Conservation Improvement Program in our organizations. We’ve seen CIP’s value firsthand through the One-Stop Efficiency Shop, a full-service lighting program that partners with energy contractors like Master Electric to serve small businesses throughout Xcel Energy’s Minnesota service territory. Our learning session was organized by the nonprofits Center for Energy and Environment and Clean Energy Economy Minnesota to illuminate energy practices that improve our economy and its environment.

Thanks to CIP rebates and incentives via the One-Stop program since 2001, Minnesota Senate District 55 has invested about $1.4 million in energy efficiency projects. The district’s One-Stop business clients have received nearly $350,000 in one-time rebates, plus over $200,000 in annual cost savings. Energy contractors have benefited from roughly 867 related workdays. And we’re also cutting megatons of carbon, annually equivalent to pulling 262 cars off our roads...

...Lighting improvements so far should help the Prior Lake ACE Hardware annually save 30,000 kilowatt-hours in electricity, equal to avoiding 9,900 full loads of laundry. In addition to $4,200 in one-time rebates, the efficiencies have cut about $2,800 from our electricity costs every year. And because of those deep savings, the work we’ve done will completely pay for itself in about three-and-a-half years...

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