Media: The suburbs are leading the charge on energy efficiency (StarTribune)

Jan 17, 2017

In collaboration with national partners Brendle Group and Vermont Energy Investment Corporation, CEE implements the Partners in Energy program in Minnesota for Xcel Energy.

From the (StarTribune):

...Many leaders in sustainability, worried the Trump administration won’t do much to address climate change, applaud the recent actions taken by local governments. “Local players are going to be much more important going forward than they ever have been before,” Finis said.

Minnesota’s Next Generation Energy Act, which turns 10 this year, set two benchmarks for the state back in 2007. One was to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in 2050 by 80 percent of the emissions level in 2005. The other was to require that 25 percent of the electricity provided by public utilities be renewable by 2025...

...St. Louis Park created its plan with the support of Partners in Energy, a program started two years ago by Xcel Energy. Program manager Tami Gunderzik said Xcel has seen a significant jump in applications to join...

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