Media: Energy Squad searches for energy savings as temperature drops (Sun Current)

Jan 25, 2016

From the Sun Current:

As recent sub-zero temperatures keep residents indoors, a service is available to help them stay warm as efficiently as possible.

The Center for Energy and the Environment is promoting the Home Energy Squad, which dispatches energy consultants to houses to look for cost-saving opportunities in keeping a warm home. Several metro cities are teaming with the energy squad to provide home visits at a subsidized cost.

The most common diagnosis during those evaluations? A lack of wall and attic insulation, according to Stacy Boots Camp, recruitment and outreach coordinator for the Home Energy Squad.

“Often times people don’t realize that they don’t have any insulation in their walls,” said Boots Camp, who draws on her own experience as an energy consultant. “That’s kind of a shock for them actually.”

Owners of homes built before 1970 should be especially mindful of insulation, since it was not required in homes until 1970, she noted. In fact, Boots Camp added, a quarter of homes in Minnesota are not properly insulated.

“There is great potential out there for increasing insulation and cutting energy waste,” Boots Camp said....

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