Media: Road Map Points the Way to Decarbonizing Buildings in the Midcontinent Region (GPI)

Feb 25, 2021

From Great Plains Institute:

Expanding the use of heat pumps and integrating lower-carbon fuels can contribute to dramatic increases in energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions, according to a road map to decarbonizing the building sector released today by the Midcontinent Power Sector Collaborate (MPSC). The report also details how to overcome technological and other barriers that have limited the use of heat pumps....

The road map also makes recommendations regarding the broader roles of end-use energy efficiency, electrification, renewable alternatives to natural gas and other fossil fuels, as well as other low or zero-carbon fuels that can be used in commercial and residential buildings. “Emissions from buildings account for far more of our national greenhouse gas footprint than many realize,” said Audrey Partridge, regulatory policy manager at the Center for Energy and Environment.

“As CEE's 2040 Vision for Equitable Building Decarbonization illustrates, decarbonizing buildings equitably and at the pace and scale needed to meet the climate crisis is a multidimensional challenge. Highlighting this sector’s importance, the MPSC road map for building decarbonization provides a clear path forward for buildings from northern Minnesota to southern Louisiana. The collaborative model used for the report’s recommendations make it a must-read for policymakers throughout the U.S....”

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