Media: St. Paul adopts benchmarking, climate plans (Finance & Commerce)

Feb 3, 2020

Excerpted from Finance and Commerce:

In the realm of sustainability and climate change policies, St. Paul has been left in the shadow of its aggressive twin to the west, Minneapolis. The City of Lakes for years led the nation in adopting ordinances and creating a utility partnership related to climate change ...

... “It’s a big deal that the City Council just passed their Climate Action and Resilience Plan in December, and then immediately passed the benchmarking ordinance, a strategy named in the plan, the very next month,” said Center for Energy and Environment President Chris Duffrin. “It shows they take this work seriously.”

St. Paul has not been standing on the sidelines during the evolving climate crisis, he noted. The city’s policies and coalition building recently gained national attention from Bloomberg’s American Cities Climate Challenge and the City Energy Project. “Now benchmarking puts St. Paul in league with a national surge that started in some of our biggest urban centers — a notable reflection of the mayor and City Council’s singular vision to cut carbon and increase resiliency in our capital city,” Duffrin stated ...

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