Media: Richfield launches 2 new programs (Sun Current)

Feb 3, 2020

CEE launched a new partnership with the City of Richfield to help small businesses participate in our small business commercial programs. The City will be offering bonus rebates to any business who participates and completes a qualifying efficiency upgrades.

Excerpted from the Sun Current:

Small businesses are the backbone of the United States economy...In an effort to support and grow the small business community in Richfield, the city’s Economic Development Authority established two new programs at its Jan. 21 meeting. The first program will provide energy-efficient business grants and the second program will provide small businesses with revolving loans...

“The Energy Efficiency Business Grant will not only help businesses save money in the long run, it also rewards them for being great environmental stewards,” Community Development Director John Stark said. The Energy Efficient Business Grant program will be administered in partnership with the Center for Energy and the Environment and is intended to help small businesses save both money and natural resources by providing them with the necessary funds to make energy-efficient upgrades.

“The grant program is an all-around win that will help Richfield businesses lower their energy costs while benefiting the environment by decreasing their resource usage and making smarter purchasing decisions,” Sustainability specialist Rachel Lindholm said. “This initiative helps business leaders show other community members how they can do the same at their own business, workplace, or even at home.”

The grant will cover up to 20% of the cost of the installation of qualified energy-efficient upgrades for Richfield businesses up to an amount of $2,500 per business. Other rebates through the utility companies will also be available to offset costs to business owners...

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