Media: Happiest with his hands on the wheel (MN Fuels)

Feb 11, 2020

Excerpted from MN Fuels:

Mike Bull reminisces about his brother and him delivering boxes of potatoes to Boston Garden at half-time of a Celtics game. He laughs, “I think it was 1976. We were in awe of those giant, sweaty players towering over us.” Last fall, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz appointed Bull to the Governor’s Council on Biofuels (GBC). At first glance, the policy lead for the Minnesota Center for Energy & the Environment (MnCEE) may seem an unusual fit for the GBC and its focus on transportation ...

... that’s where Bull sees his role. “The Pathways report recommends a doubling down on biofuels while transitioning to more electric vehicles. I saw the GBC announcement and wanted to apply.” He pauses, “I think I have good standing within the environmental community and I want to help people understand the advancements made in biofuels over the last 20 years.”

He has confidence in the diverse GBC membership reaching consensus on recommendations for Minnesota lawmakers. “The effort is bolstered by Governor Walz’s leadership and the Council is a good group of people, meeting in good faith.”

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