Media: Mpls looks to residential energy disclosure ordinance to cut emissions (Midwest Energy News)

Feb 14, 2019

From Midwest Energy News:

Minneapolis is expected to adopt a residential energy disclosure ordinance Friday that would offer homeowners and renters in the city more information about energy costs before they buy a home or sign a lease.

The ordinance would expand an existing commercial building benchmarking program to include larger multi-family buildings and also add new requirements to presale inspection reports to cover things like windows, insulation and heating systems. Renters would get information on expected monthly energy costs and buyers would receive an energy score and list of suggested upgrades...

...For homebuyers, the ordinance would expand existing truth-in-housing inspections to include information on windows, insulation, and heating systems. (An earlier version of the ordinance would have required a blower door test, but the requirement was dropped due to cost concerns.) Chris Duffrin, president of the Center for Energy and Environment, said the value of the energy disclosure ordinance will be in presenting homebuyers with an understandable and comprehensive list of potential retrofits, as well as a rating based on a 1-to-100 scale.

Inspectors “are already collecting a lot of this data but it’s just not presented to the homeowner in a meaningful way,” he said. “The reports will give them actionable information they can make on what to do with their home.”

The Center for Energy and Environment, which helped craft the ordinance, operates an inspection service called Home Energy Squad. The staff has done both blower door and insulation checks on thousands of homes, Duffrin said, and has a keen understanding of the energy retrofit market...

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