Media: Tour highlights latest upgrades at Madison East to save over $40,000 in yearly energy costs (KTOE-Radio)

Feb 18, 2016

From KTOE:

Local legislators joined in on a tour by the Center for Energy and Environment (CEE) to highlight the impact that Minnesota’s Conservation Improvement Program (CIP) has on local businesses and contractors in Mankato.

The event was held at the Madison East Center where a CIP lighting project was just completed using 55-thousand dollars in rebates to save over 40-thousand dollars in yearly electricity costs. The upgrades included new florescent lights and a sensor system to turn off lights when the sun is bright enough.

“$40,000 a year on savings are really good numbers. But there are hundreds and thousands of projects out there that have similar size numbers. Where the utility purchased the efficiency resource through a rebate. It encourages the customer to go out and put new lights in. All of these businesses are extremely happy about what’s happened,” said Joe Sullivan, Manager of Strategic Relations at CEE...

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