Media: Multi-company study on server room energy efficiency (Packet Power blog)

Feb 25, 2016

Energy is one of the highest costs in data centers — even the small ones. Server rooms and data closets (known as "small embedded data centers") are one of the fastest growing end users of electrical energy in commercial buildings in the United States. And as much as one third of their energy usage is unnecessary, representing a significant cost savings opportunity.

The Center for Energy and Environment (CEE) launched a pilot program last year to determine if monitoring energy use from small embedded data centers can deliver tangible financial benefits. Eleven Minnesota companies from education, legal services, nonprofit, municipal and health care sectors are currently participating.

Dr. Lester Shen, Director of Innovative Technologies at CEE, is leading the study. Initial baseline data suggests that the biggest cost savings may come from making straightforward changes like powering down unneeded servers during non-critical times and adjusting cooling settings ...

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