Media: ‚ÄčLegislators gather at Slayton bakery (Murray County News)

Feb 24, 2016

From Murray County News:

Slayton-bakery.jpgLocal legislators gathered at the Slayton Bakery last Wednesday afternoon to hear reports regarding the energy efficiency projects completed in the Slayton.

Members from the Center for Energy and Environment shared numbers regarding Slayton’s recent lighting project. 

The Center for Energy and Environment (CEE) is a nonprofit organization that promotes energy-efficiency to strengthen the economy while improving the environment. CEE conducts research and develops programs so that: 

  • Businesses operate more efficiently and profitably;
  • Government agencies and nonprofits spend less on facilities and functions;
  • Utilities achieve their energy-efficiency goals at least-cost; and
  • Households save money and improve comfort.

CEE’s one-stop efficiency shop lighting project in Slayton involved 37 total sites, including 12 downtown businesses, 5 city-owned buildings, and 4 county-owned buildings.

The program allotted a 2-year payback average.

To date over $40,000/year in electricity costs savings have been realized as a result of this project. Over $29,000/year in electricity savings for businesses and over $11,000/year in electricity savings for city and county buildings. This resulted in almost 400,000 kilowatt-hours annually.

CEE has been a part of several projects throughout the Senate District 22. They have invested $735,000 in efficiency projects throughout the area and given out almost $300,000 in rebates. Annually over $180,000 a year in electricity cost savings have been realized which is equivalent to 4 football fields of solar. This equates to a reduction of 1580MT, equivalent to 263 cars.

The purpose of Wednesday’s visit was to provide numbers to the local legislators showing how the programs CEE has implemented have provided savings as well as cutting emissions.

Among those present were senator Bill Weber, representative Joe Schomacher, Doug Brinks, Slayton Electric, Josh Malchow, City of Slayton administrator, Jamie Fitzke and Joe Sullivan of the Center for Energy.

Fitzke and Sullivan have been doing statewide tours breathing life into their efficiency programs and providing data regarding their programs. They hoped to show the legislators by helping to provide funding CEE is able to connect the dots with their energy efficiency programs.

CEE assists electric and gas utilities in the design and implementation of innovative, cost-effective energy efficiency programs for residential, multifamily and commercial customers. 

Featured programs include the One-Stop Efficiency Shop, which was implemented in Slayton. This One-Stop Efficiency Shop is a full-service lighting rebate program available to small businesses in Xcel Energy’s Minnesota service territory with an electric demand of 400 KW or less. The program’s turnkey approach is specifically designed to address the concerns small business owners face when choosing more efficient lighting: limited financial resources and time, limited knowledge of lighting products and access to quality contractors.

Since 1989 CEE has worked cooperatively with various agencies throughout Minnesota to develop and fund innovative financing products that address unmet needs and that complement offerings of utilities, government agencies, private institutions and foundations. CEE finances more that $8 million in energy efficiency and rehabilitation improvements annually. CEE’s variety of financing includes revolving loan pools, interest rate buy-downs, deferred and forgivable loans and grants.

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