Mike Bull to Present on e21 Initiative

Feb 4, 2015

This Thursday CEE's Director of Policy and Communications Mike Bull, and Great Plains Institute Executive Director Rolf Nordstrom are presenting about the e21 initiative to the Minnesota Municipal Utilities Association at their Legislative Conference, and to the Metropolitan Energy Policy Coalition, a group of metro area counties, the Met Council and the Association of Minnesota Counties. The presentation will discuss the unique challenges now facing electric utilities and what changes need to be made to meet these new challenges. 

The e21 Initiative aims to develop a more customer-centric and sustainable framework for utility regulation in Minnesota. Initiative goals are to:

  • Shift AWAY from a system that provides customers few options and that rewards utilities for selling more electricity and building capital-intensive projects;
  • ​Move TOWARD a system that gives customers more options on how and where their energy is produced and how they use it, and toward a system that enables utilities to earn revenue by achieving an agreed upon set of outcomes that reflect public policy goals, new customer expectations, and the changing technology landscape.
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