Report Outlines Approach to Incorporate Homes’ Energy Efficiency at Time-of-Sale

Feb 28, 2014

Today CEE announced the publication of a report that outlines a new approach to incorporate the value of energy-efficiency in homes at time-of-sale. The program, called “Energy Fit Homes,” will provide a third-party issued certificate for homes that reach a basic level of energy efficiency. As outlined in the report, there is no mechanism for homeowners currently to get credit for efficiency improvements they have made to their homes at time-of-sale, and this can be a barrier to people making energy-efficiency investments in their homes. When they do sell, existing homes’ attic and wall insulation levels are not visible features of the home that are well-understood by homebuyers and incorporated into the sale value of a home. According to CEE’s Manager of Residential Programs Carl Nelson,

“By making the invisible visible, the Energy Fit Homes certificate can, over time, help to incorporate the value of energy efficiency investments into home sales, and this can help spur more investment in energy-efficiency upgrades.  We are very excited that soon we will be able to offer this certificate to homeowners participating in our energy efficiency programs.”  

CEE, in conjunction with partner Neighborhood Energy Connection, is currently piloting the program, and plans to fully launch Energy Fit Homes in April.

Full report is available here.