CEE Awards Energy Efficiency Leaders

Feb 17, 2014

group-shot.pngOn Tuesday, February 11th, 2014 CEE honored four people who have made a big impact on Minnesota’s energy efficiency policy, programs and progress.  Thank you to these individuals for their leadership and for pushing Minnesota to become a standout in energy efficiency across the country.  
George Crocker, the co-founder of the North American Water Office, has been a passionate clean energy warrior since the powerline wars of the 1970's.  CEE recognized George for his courage and steadfast commitment to clean energy. 
Bill Grant, Deputy Commissioner of Energy and Telecommunications for the MN Department of Commerce, has been instrumental in almost every clean energy policy enacted in the state over the last 25 years.  CEE recognized Bill for decades of regional and state clean energy policy accomplishments. 
Deb Sundin, Xcel Energy's Director for DSM and Renewable Strategy and Planning, has helped Xcel Energy achieve some of the highest energy efficiency savings of any utility in the country, saving rate payers over $4 billion.  CEE recognized Deb for her transformational energy efficiency achievements. Deb’s award was accepted by Laura McCarten on her behalf. 
Scott Dibble, MN State Senator, is a clean energy anchor in the legislature and was the author of the national leading 2006 mercury emissions reduction bill, which passed almost unanimously.  CEE recognized Scott for his unwavering clean energy leadership and vision.