Media: State Conservation Improvement Program spotlights ASB (Pope County Tribune)

Dec 2, 2019

From the Post County Tribune:

Group of people holding informational postersMinnesota’s Conservation Improvement Program (CIP) has saved businesses and residential customers money since its creation in 1983. Representatives of the Center for Energy and Environment held an informational session to share the benefits of CIP with Senator Torrey Westrom (Sen. District 12) and American Solutions for Business (ASB) staff at ASB last Thursday.

Jamie Fitzke, Center for Energy and Environment Program and Policy manager, said that through CIP, utility companies, such as Xcel Energy offer energy efficient rebates to business and residential customers. The goal of the meeting was to show legislators the real life impact of CIP...

...Bill Finley, ASB’s Vice President of Finance, said that through energy efficient rebates and changing lights to LED’s at ASB’s facilities, it has resulted in a savings of about 20 percent in utility costs for ASB. The CEE’s One-Stop Efficiency Shop Lighting Program has given ASB approximately $16,000 in rebates, with an annual savings of 53 kW in demand and 175,000 kWh (energy equivalent to 57,500 loads of laundry). The lighting project will pay for itself in 2.6 years and save over $350,000 in lifetime electricity savings....

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