Media: St. Louis Park will require owners of large buildings to report energy use (Sun Sailor)

Dec 16, 2019

Katie Jones, CEE's community program and policy manager, helped St. Louis Park develop their building benchmarking policy. Jones facilitated benchmarking policy development workshops as part of the Hennepin County Efficient Buildings Collaborative, which included stakeholder planning, ordinance development, and internal operations planning, along with presenting at stakeholder meetings.

From the Sun Sailor:

The owners of large buildings in St. Louis Park will need to report energy and water use for their buildings to the city under a new ordinance....

...The measure is intended to help the city meet a climate action plan goal of reducing energy consumption in large commercial buildings 30% by 2030. The ordinance will apply to the owners of commercial, multifamily and public buildings of more than 25,000 square feet....

...St. Louis Park is a pilot city with Hennepin County’s Efficient Buildings Collaborative, which assists cities in implementing energy benchmarking ordinances.

Katie Jones, who works with the collaborative as the community program and policy manager with the Center for Energy and Environment, added, “It all comes back to you can’t manage what you don’t measure, so we’re proposing to have measurement to get better management.”

She compared the benchmarking data to measurements about nutrition facts or miles per gallon for vehicles that empower people to make better decisions. Data on energy use intensity and greenhouse gas emissions as a result of energy use would allow comparisons between buildings impacted by the ordinance. Energy Star scores, which take into account building type, year built and other factors, would rate a building’s efficiency.

“We actually know that a number of buildings in the city are Energy Star-certified, and so it’s possible to have high-scoring buildings here in St. Louis Park,” Jones said....

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