Media: Exclusive Interview with Carl Nelson of Center for Energy and Environment (Energy Central)

Aug 23, 2019

From Energy Central:

... While perhaps the utilities of yesterday weren’t readily prepared for this type of strain on the grid, one of the hottest topics in 2019 for utilities comes from distributed energy resources, or DERs. Given the ability for DERs to really take the edge off of the utilities when it comes to overall strain, Carl Nelson of the Center for Energy and Environment has taken them up as key the technological strategy for the energy industry. In fact, at next week’s AESP Summer Conference in Toronto he’ll be sharing his insights on the topic as it relates to the Minnesota grid in his presentation ‘When Summer Serves a Hotdish of Peak Load, DERs Take Action.”  If you’re still trying to decide whether or not to attend the conference, here’s a sneak preview of what Carl will be sharing to convince you of how valuable his talk will be! ...

... Thus, one thing we are testing out with this pilot is using the existing demand-response resource at the distribution level, which had not been done before. It required the existing control units to be re-programmed into a substation-level grouping, so they could do a control event at the distribution level, instead of for the whole Minnesota system. We’ve already had one test event for this, and we’ll be looking at the data from that to evaluate its impact. ...

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