Media: Electric utilities weigh in on clean energy requirements (Brainerd Dispatch)

Jul 30, 2019

Mike Bull, CEE's policy director, is quoted in an article about a proposal to require electric utilities to prioritize clean energy sources as they build new plants or replace old ones.

073119-N-FNS-(1).jpgFrom the Brainerd Dispatch:

A pitch to require the state's electric utilities to move away from fossil fuel sources saw bipartisan support as well as bipartisan opposition Tuesday, July 30, as it came up for consideration in a legislative panel.

Under the proposal, electrical companies would have to prioritize clean energy resources when building new power plants or replacing retired facilities. Exceptions would apply if the clean energy alternative can be proven to be unaffordable or can't meet the need of the facility...

...“The change is happening, it’s sitting right here in front of you,” Rick Evans, with Xcel Energy, said pointing to his large binder outlining the company's expectations for services it will deliver in the next 15 years and how it hopes to meet them. The company has set a goal of becoming carbon-free by 2050.

"I think it would behoove the Legislature to want to put a framework in place, a current framework, with all the input from all the members from varying perspectives to guide the transition we're currently in," Mike Bull, with the Center for Energy and Environment, said. "I have friends at the Public Utilities Commission and I don't know that you want to leave this to them to do without your input..."

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