One-Stop Efficiency Shop® recognized as global efficiency model

Aug 23, 2016

The One-Stop Efficiency Shop® is profiled among a selection of six U.S. programs featured in the World Energy Council’s Energy Efficiency Policies and Measures database. The database describes various energy efficiency policies and measures in 96 countries, including:

  • Map of main policies and measures at world level
  • Survey results from 54 countries on energy efficiency agencies, targets and existing measures
  • Policy case studies in two-dozen countries

The One-Stop Efficiency Shop is a full-service lighting rebate program available throughout Xcel Energy's Minnesota service territory to small businesses with a monthly electric demand of 400 kilowatts or less. The program's case study will appear in an official report created by the European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy with a focus on energy efficiency information centers and "one-stop shops" around the world. Funded for the World Energy Council by the French Environment and Energy Management Agency, France's national energy department, the report compiles energy efficiency resources across the globe and highlights good practices in several countries. 

The One-Stop Efficiency Shop was selected for a U.S. case study because of its long history of success and exemplary documentation. 

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