Media: A low-income St. Paul neighborhood has an ambitious energy plan (Midwest Energy News)

Aug 9, 2016

From Midwest Energy News:

A nonprofit housing developer in St. Paul is embarking upon an ambitious plan to create a net zero community that would include a solar garden in one of the city’s poorer neighborhoods.

rivoli-bluff-cropped-(1).jpgDayton’s Bluff Neighborhood Housing Services has been creating a net zero plan for Railroad Island, just northeast of downtown St. Paul...

...Poor neighborhoods need energy-efficient housing more than others because high utility costs can destroy their budgets. “There’s an old saying that only rich people can afford crappy windows,” said Rick Carter, integrative design leader at LHB.

The next step, he said, will be to determine what approach can be taken to improve low performing residential and commercial properties. For that strategy Erchul has turned to the Center For Energy and Environment.

The organization’s president, Chris Duffrin, said the CEE plans to “dig a bit deeper” to find out what kind of current technologies might work to reduce energy costs.

“We want to create sustainable environmental and economic benefits for this low-income community by using existing resources,” Duffrin said. “We’ll help (Jim) make it work in any way we can.”

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