Media: Making Older Buildings More Efficient (Star Tribune)

Aug 3, 2015

From the Star Tribune:

The IDS Center, downtown’s signature skyscraper since it was built in 1972, also was considered a glass-encased energy hog when fuel prices started to accelerate in the mid-1970s. Several owners over the years have worked to make the building more efficient. Accesso Partners, which acquired the building for a record $253 million in 2013, plans to make it greener yet.

Accesso has hired the Center for Energy and Environment (CEE) in Minneapolis to study the building over four seasons and incrementally take steps that should cut steam and electricity consumption by at least 10 percent, the cost of which should be recaptured within three years, based on CEE’s track record with commercial buildings. And the IDS Center, into which would fit about 10 Target stores, is downtown’s tallest building and the biggest CEE has ever tackled ...

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