Media: The new drill for homesellers (Southwest Journal)

Apr 2, 2019

From Southwest Journal:

If you live in Minneapolis, own a home and want to sell it, you’re already required by the city to complete a pre-sale inspection of the condition of your home.
The inspection, known as Truth in Sale of Housing, is a consumer protection measure meant to give prospective homeowners an accurate idea of what they’re getting themselves into after buying your house. Will they have to patch up your leaky roof? Replace your unsafe water heater? Install the missing smoke detectors you neglected to replace years ago?
Come 2020, Minneapolis homeowners looking to sell will need to disclose information in a new category: the home’s energy use…
…For the insulation test, inspectors will have to literally look inside the wall of a Minneapolis home if it was built before 1980. They’ll do this by drilling a 2-inch hole in the interior side of an exterior wall, then using a ruler to measure the inches of existing insulation, if any exists at all…

…Isaac Smith, who works as the residential program development manager at the Center for Energy and the Environment, said the drilling method is a cheap and quick way to check a home’s insulation, one his company has used for a long time in its own energy audits. Checking insulation is the best way to measure a home’s heat loss, he added, which wastes energy and ratchets up the heating bill.

Most homes in Minneapolis don’t have insulation in the walls, Smith said, and prospective homeowners usually don’t have a good idea of their new home’s energy performance. The new energy disclosure requirements seek to change that.
“When the new buyer comes in, they’ll understand the performances and the upgrades and energy improvements that they can make,” Smith said...

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