Media: Businesses reaping benefits of refrigeration assessments (City of Faribault)

Apr 10, 2019

This article highlights the success of Xcel Energy's Partners in Energy offering and Commercial Refrigeration Program. Both of these Xcel Energy programs are administered by CEE.

From the City of Faribault:
When it comes to efficiency in the kitchen, Janna Viscomi knows a thing or two. She and husband Bernie, who own Bernie’s Grill in Faribault, have spent more than a decade providing quality breakfast for their patrons.

However, even though sizzling up menu items has become second nature over time, ensuring the coolers and freezers are working efficiently was outside of her expertise. It’s what led to a visit as part of Xcel Energy’s Commercial Refrigeration Assessment, an educational walk-through available through a City of Faribault partnership.

The visits are free of charge for qualified customers, are rather quick and don’t affect day-to-day operations. Refrigeration Consultant Tyson Borom took a peek through Bernie’s appliances in an effort to make energy-efficient improvements, and as a result, save the building owners a few hundred dollars a year…

Read the full article on page three of the bulletin.

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