Media: Air Sealing with AeroBarrier (Home Energy Magazine)

Apr 5, 2019

From Home Energy Magazine:

In many parts of the country, house envelopes are notoriously leaky, with unintended air infiltration that results in additional space heating and cooling equipment loads…Current manual methods for sealing house leaks, even when diligently applied, can fall short of the ultimate tightness goal, due to unrecognized leakage pathways.

The aerosol envelope-sealing technology developed by the Wester Cooling Efficiency Center at UC Davis uses an automated approach to produce extremely tight envelopes…

…The AeroBarrier installations were all very effective at sealing air leaks in the homes. The average tightness Achieved was well below 1 ACH50 which is well below the relevant code requirement in both Minnesota and California...

Read the full Home Energy Magazine article on page 18.

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