Media: McKnight aims funding at climate change

Apr 3, 2018

Minnesota’s e21 Initiative, coordinated by CEE and Great Plains Institute, unites utilities, consumer advocates, regulators, and environmental advocates to develop a 21st century energy system that better aligns a financially viable utility business model with increasing customer expectations and evolving policy goals.

Excerpt from Finance & Commerce

...The foundation invests in organizations working on rural and urban clean-energy initiatives through its Midwest Climate & Energy program.

The well-known foundation, started in 1953 by 3M executive William L. McKnight and his wife, Maude, delivers more than $90 million in grants through seven program areas. One of those, the Climate & Energy program, targets nonprofits working in a variety of areas, including new business models for utilities, clean-energy leadership, electric vehicle advancement, decarbonization of the economy, improved transmission and energy efficiency. Through its grants, the foundation has helped strengthen a nonprofit infrastructure focused on clean energy and carbon reduction in Minnesota and the Midwest...

...Last year McKnight gave grants of $15 million to 48 organizations in the Midwest Climate & Energy category, which represents about 17 percent of its annual giving. Most of the funding goes to grantees in Minnesota, although the foundation offers some funding to groups in Iowa and Wisconsin.

A glimpse of its website offers a compendium of clean-energy activities underway. The Minneapolis-based Great Plains Institute’s Drive Electric Minnesota promotes electric vehicles. The institute and the Minneapolis-based Center for Energy and Environment created the e21 Initiative to look at future utility reform. Along those lines the Regulatory Assistance Project, based in Vermont, offers technical assistance to regulators in the Midwest through McKnight...

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