Media: America's Utility Of The Future Takes Shape In Illinois, Ohio, And Minnesota (Forbes)

Apr 26, 2017

Minnesota's e21 initiative is co-led by CEE and Great Plains Institute.

From Forbes:

...The old model of coupling profits to increased infrastructure investment and greater sales is cracking as competitive technologies like rooftop solar, local storage and smart buildings displace increasing parts of the utility service, taking some of the revenues that go with it...

Minnesota (e21 Initiative)

...Unlike Illinois and Ohio, which have proposed initiatives directly led by state public utility commissions, Minnesota’s grid modernization effort, the 21st Century Energy System (e21) Initiative, is a collaboration among interest groups—utilities, consumer advocates, energy technology companies, etc.—striving to shape a modern electric system. The goal of the e21 Initiative is to advise and inform Minnesota utility regulators on how to enable a utility business model that offers customers more options in how their energy is produced and consumed.

Broad agreement between utilities, regulators, and stakeholders has emerged out of this consensus-based approach on how Minnesota utilities can best evolve to embrace clean resources and technological innovation...

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