CEE Helps Guide Vision for a Net-Zero Energy Redevelopment Site

Apr 10, 2015

On Monday, April 6th, the Twin Cities Army Ammunitions Project Joint Development Authority approved the Energy Integration Resiliency Framework (EIRF).The EIRF lays out recommended strategies for achieving resilient energy supply and demand side management for the site, how these recommendations can be achieved, and next steps. This includes a vision to create the largest net-zero energy redevelopment site with a 40-acre solar installation that would generate 8 megawatts of electricity, enough to power all developments at Rice Creek Commons.

The strategies for the site were guided by a consulting team, led by Ever-Green Energy with support from other consultants including the Center for Energy and Environment.

Rice Creek Commons is a unique redevelopment project located in Arden Hills that has been undergoing planning for a number of years. In September, 2014 an effort to produce an ERIF and vision was set in motion with oversight from the Energy Resiliency Advisory Board, an ad hoc committee of Arden Hills residents. Since then the consulting team, including CEE, published a White Paper outlining the possibilities for the site and coordinated with Ramsey County, the land owner, to initiate a number of vital partnership conversations.

Read more about the approval of the Rice Creek Commons Energy Integration Resiliency Framework. The Energy Integration Resiliency Framework outlines how recommended opportunities can be moved forward.