The Bloomington HRA offers residents discounted Home Energy Squad visits.

Thanks to your City's contribution, Energy Saver visits are only $35 and Energy Planner visits are $50.  


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Vist our How It Works page for details on your Home Energy Squad visit

City of Bloomington offers special financing for residents

Eligible improvements include health and safety requirements, code repairs for electrical, heating and plumbing, lead paint stabilization, energy efficiency improvements and exterior improvements such as siding, roofing, gutters, downspouts, windows, driveways and foundation repairs.

For more information visit Bloomington's HRA department or call 952-563-8937.

Community Action Partnership of Suburban Hennepin: There may be additional financing available for low-income homeowners. Visit or call 952-933-9639 for details.

What your neighbors are saying about the Home Energy Squad

I learned a lot about the current status of our home’s energy use and received excellent tips for improvement. They gave us tips for simple repairs as well as long term improvements. Our visit was a great value for the energy saving supplies we received and the many tests they did on our house.
The heat loss pictures they shared were very persuasive. We knew the work needed to be done at some point. The convenience of having the quote completed and the recommended companies to go with made the decision pretty simple

I recommend the Home Energy Squad and their audit to all homeowners whether they just bought a house or have lived in it for 15 years. You are guaranteed to learn something and encouraged to make changes that are better for you and the environment.


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