How It Works


1. Sign up for your Home Energy Squad Enhanced visit

Free visits for a limited time to income-qualified residents. Free vistis regardless of income in the following green-zone neighborhoods: Bottineau, Cedar-Riverside, East Phillips, Hawthorne, Marshall Terrace, McKinley, Midtown Phillips, Near North, Phillips West, Sheridan and Ventura Village. 

Complete our short online sign up form and we'll call you to schedule your visit.


2. Receive your Home Energy Squad Enhanced visit

Your Home Energy Squad Enhanced visit will include two energy experts in your home with you for two hours. Our trained, energy-saving crew will identify places your home is losing energy and install materials to help start saving on the spot—plus show you easy ways to improve efficiency and reduce your utility bills.

During the visit our professionals will:

  • Discuss with you how your home uses energy and how you can save money by using less energy in your home
  • Install energy saving materials at no extra cost
  • Perform a blower door test to measure your home for air leaks
  • Complete an insulation inspection of your attic and walls using an infrared camera
  • Perform a safety test on your home's heating system and water heater 
  • Review possible next steps, financing option, and available rebates
  • Create a personalized report with a summary of recommendations

Based on your home's needs and your decision, our crew can install:

  • Door weather stripping
  • A water heater blanket
  • A programmable thermostats
  • Specialty LED light bulbs
  • High-efficiency water fixtures
  • Pipe wrap

If your home needs insulation or air sealing our crews will provide a quote for the recommended work and connect you to qualified contractor that will honor the quote.

3. Get help with financing, and rebates

If your Home Energy Squad Enhanced visit uncovers an opportunity for significant savings through home improvement projects such as additional insulation, attic air sealing, or replacing old heating equipment, we make these steps easy by connecting you with our vetted list of qualified contractors, specialized financing, and utility rebates. 

The City of Minneapolis is currently offering a 0% loan to help residents improve the efficiency of their homes through insulation and air sealing. Learn more.

Resources for financing & rebates