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Cleveland: Commercial Grant Program

The Cleveland Neighborhood Association funds available to improve commercial properties.

Cleveland: Commercial Loan Program

The Cleveland Neighborhood Association seeks to assist commercial property owners in the rehabilitation of existing commercial properties.

Cleveland: Home Improvement Loan Programs

The intent of the Cleveland Neighborhood Association NRP home improvement deferred loan is to support homeowners in the Cleveland Neighborhood to stabilize and improve the condition of the neighborhood’s existing housing.

Minneapolis: 0% Energy Efficiency Loan

The city of Minneapolis is offering a 0% loan to help residents improve the efficiency of their homes.

Commercial Energy Efficiency Loan Program

The CEE Commercial Energy Efficiency Loan Program provides financing to businesses making cost effective energy efficiency improvements.

Current Rates for Statewide Residential Loan Programs

CEE offers competitive rates for all of our statewide programs.

Energy Savings Fund for Nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations that are interested in reducing their energy use are now eligible to apply for funds that CEE and the Minnesota Division of Energy Resources have allocated.

Home Improvement Loan Programs

The Home Improvement Loan program is a statewide program that was established to encourage and support the preservation of existing housing.

MHFA Home Energy Loan Programs

CEE offers low interest home energy loans for Minnesota homeowners to make energy improvements in their homes.

Rental Energy Loan Program

CEE offers low interest loans for Minnesota property owners to make energy improvements to their rental properties.