Why Energy Fit Homesâ„ ?

Energy Fit Homes is designed specifically for existing residential properties to recognize homes that meet energy efficiency standards. In addition to everyday energy savings, getting the Energy Fit Homes certification provides peace of mind that you are doing the right thing for yourself, your family, and your environment. It also has the potential for added resale value. For more information on the benefits to getting your home certified, visit our For Homeowners page.

What makes Energy Fit Homes different from other certifications?

Energy Fit Homes is the only certification on the market that is customized for existing older homes, has a low administrative cost, and is focused on energy efficiency upgrades that are cost-effective to the homeowner.

Who administers Energy Fit Homes? 

Energy Fit Homes is managed by the Center for Energy and Environment (CEE) a, Twin Cities based non-profit.

How do I schedule a home assessment?

To schedule a home assessment call 612-335-3483 or email mnenergyfit@mncee.org.

What is the cost of the Energy Fit Homes certificate?

There is no additional application and processing fee to receive the Energy Fit Homes certificate. There is a cost for the home assessment, which is based on where you live. Contact us for more information.

What are the requirements for Energy Fit Homes?

Energy Fit Homes evaluates the performance and efficiency of five main areas of your home:  heating system, insulation and air sealing, windows, lighting, and ventilation and combustion safety. See our detailed handout for more information on certificate requirements.

Why do you have an indoor ventilation requirement?

Older homes rely on air leaks to naturally remove indoor pollutants. When these leaks are sealed (during insulation and air sealing improvements, for example) mechanical ventilation is often needed to remove these pollutants. Typically a continuous running bath fan is installed to ensure adequate ventilation, improve the indoor air quality of the home, and keep occupants healthy and safe. For more information, see our ventilation handout.

Why is a programmable thermostat not required for a high efficiency boiler?

High efficiency boilers should come equipped with outdoor reset and cut out controls, which adjust boiler operation for efficient energy use. The outdoor reset adjusts the boiler water temperature according to the temperature outside and the cut out turns the heating system off when a specified outdoor temperature is reached.

I had my home assessment and I want to complete the necessary upgrades, can you recommend a contractor?

We maintain a list of qualified insulation contractors whose work we quality check. Contact us for more information.

Are there any options to help me finance the upgrades?

The Lending Center at Center for Energy and Environment offers low interest financing options that can help you complete a variety of energy upgrades and home improvements. Visit mncee.org/lending for more information.

Utility rebates may also be available through your local utility.

How do I provide verification that I completed the work? 

Download a copy of the Energy Fit Homes application for information on how to apply and provide verification of completed work.