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These are the most cost-effective upgrades you can make. While cutting energy bills for savings of up to $2,000 in five years, they also improve your home’s energy score, comfort, and resale value.

  • Attic insulation — Insulating and air sealing your attic is one of most effective energy upgrades you can make to your home. This improvement will lower your energy bills and make your home more comfortable and less likely to develop problematic ice dams.

  • Wall insulation — Adding wall insulation is one of the best energy improvements to decrease energy bills and increase comfort all year.

  • Heating system — Replacing an old, inefficient furnace or boiler with a high-efficiency system will lower your energy bills. 

  • Storm windows — Adding storm windows to single-pane windows is a cost-effective way to improve comfort in the home and save energy. 
Don't know where to start? We prioritized the most useful projects on your energy disclosure report. Simply start with the upgrade listed at the top! 

Learn more on CEE's Home Energy Hub. Our energy experts created the website as a trustworthy homeowner resource for keeping homes energy efficient.


Utility rebates

CenterPoint Energy offers generous rebates, to help cover the cost of energy improvements. Have questions? Call our energy advisors.

Project Rebate
Attic insulation Up to $500
Wall insulation Up to $500
Heating system From $300 to $500
Storm windows No rebates available



To make energy improvements easier in 2020, the City of Minneapolis is offering 0% financing for residents. Funding is limited and only available this year, so start planning improvements now!

0% Energy Efficiency Loan

​Access additional low-interest lending options from CEE’s nonprofit lending center.


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Energy advisors from CEE are here to help coach you through the energy upgrade process. Advisors can answer questions about your energy score or recommended improvements, and also connect you to useful resources like dependable contractors, utility rebates, and 0% financing.

In 2019 alone, CEE’s energy advisors coached over 900 homeowners through energy efficiency improvements, and connected them to more than $350,000 in utility rebates.


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