Minnesota Energy Resources, Conservation Improvement Program, Authorized Insulation Contractor


What is a crew leader?

The crew leader is the insulation installer that supervises and does the on-site work. Only the crew leader that performs the work can sign off on the completed work in order for the homeowner to obtain Minnesota Energy Resources rebates. 

What if I am already BPI Certified?

There are many BPI certifications.  The BPI certification that is required for this program is the Residential Building Envelope Whole House Air Leakage Control Installer Certification (RBE-WHALCI).  If you already have this certification, a copy of the certificate is required for program entry. 

Who offers this BPI Certification?

The Center for Energy and Environment offers training and testing for this certification.  If you are interested in this training you can sign up for the next one offered by CEE here. Other BPI test centers can be found by searching for them by zip code on the BPI website

Are there other certifications, besides BPI, that can qualify a contractor for this program?

The BPI RBE-WHALCI certification is the only nationally recognized certification that covers all of the skill required to properly air-seal and insulate homes. This is the only certification accepted at this time.