Minnesota Energy Resources, Conservation Improvement Program, Authorized Insulation Contractor

Contractor Resources

Contractor Training

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The following online course, which takes 30 minutes to complete on your computer, is required for all crew leaders in the Minnesota Energy Resources Authorized Insulation Contractor program.  This online course needs to be completed after the contractor training is completed. Please click on the button below to complete. 

Take the Online Combustion Safety Course

Contractor Forms and Field Guides 

Combustion Safety Testing — This document covers the fans on and fans off combustion safety tests required for this program.  It includes step by step instructions. 

Combustion Safety Notice —  This notice needs to be given to homeowners when one of their natural gas appliances fails a combustion safety test.  It includes information on testing procedures and homeowner next steps. 

Ventilation Handout — This handout is available to help homeowners understand the need for ventilation and options for installation. 

Blower Door Guide — This is a short guide to blower door testing. It includes instructions for proper hose setup and how to complete a time averaged cfm50 reading. 

Rebate Application — This is the current application for Minnesota Energy Resources’ insulation and air sealing rebates. 


Quality Assurance

QA Phone Visit Guide —  This guide details the proper steps needed to complete QA phone visits. QA phone visits are required during the entry process of the program or during a probation period. 

QA On-site Guide —  This guide describes the procedure for QA on-site visits.   This visit is also required during the entry process of the program and will be scheduled by CEE with the homeowner and crew leader. 

QA Scoring System — This document explains how the score is computed during the QA visits that occur after work has been completed.  It also includes the QA scorecard that will be filled out by the QA assessor and outlines the details that may be assessed during the QA visit. 

QA Scoring Guide —  This guide contains the definitions of a Pass, a Conditional Pass, and a Fail as they pertain to the 35 details listed on the scorecard.

QA Inspection Guide —  This guide shows how the QA assessors will be checking work after completion.  It includes a visual guide on how to perform a self-check, so  you know you are completing work to CEE standards. 

Customer Resources

Air sealing and Rebate video — This video explains the benefits of air-sealing and insulation, as well as the Minnesota Energy Resources rebate program. Share this video with customers if they questions about air-sealing, the blower door test, or the rebate process. 

Air Sealing Handout — Similar to the video this info sheet covers the benefits of the AIC program, air sealing and blower door testing. This sheet could be left with homeowners when completing bids. 
Minnesota Energy Resources Online Audit — This resource is great for homeowners who may have questions about what they can do to improve the energy efficiency of their home. This online audit will point them towards the AIC program if they need insulation or Minnesota Energy Resources heating system rebate if they are due for replacement. 

Additional Information

Minnesota Energy Resources Gas Service Territory — This document lists the cities and counties that are served by Minnesota Energy Resources and includes a map of the territory.  This is meant to be used as a general guide only.   Please verify that the homeowner is a Minnesota Energy Resources gas customer. 

General Contractor Policy — This document covers details on how a General Contractor can participate in Minnesota Energy Resources insulation rebate program. 

Authorized Insulation Contractor List  — This is the list of AICs on Minnesota Energy Resources website.