Rebecca Priestley

Energy Counselor

As an Energy Counselor Rebecca frequents the homes of Minnesota residents in search of energy inefficiencies and potential hazards to sustainability. Counselors educate homeowners about energy use and encourage low to no-cost efficiency measures while consulting them on their energy and financial saving goals.

Rebecca is currently in the process of becoming an energy auditor which includes visually inspecting insulation levels in the walls and attic, running a blower door test to determine the air tightness of a home, using infrared imaging to scan the home for air leaks, and running a safety check on the combustion equipment in the home.

Before joining CEE Rebecca was a supervisor at Good Earth Food Co-op in St. Cloud. Rebecca also volunteered with USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, examining plants, soil, and water to assist in wetland determinations. They majored in environmental studies at St. Cloud State University.

Pronouns: they/them/their


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