Josh Quinnell, Ph.D.

Senior Research Engineer

Dr. Josh Quinnell is a Senior Research Engineer at the Center for Energy and Environment. Josh has thirteen years research experience in solar energy, heat and mass transfer, and energy efficiency. Currently Josh is working on grid modernization efforts including strategic electrification, solar energy deployment optimization, and using efficiency and other DERs to manage distribution system capacity. Josh’s recent work includes HVAC duct leakage & retrofit sealing, condensing boiler efficiency, energy recovery ventilation (ERV) systems, garage contaminant transport, and residential furnace efficiency retrofits.

Prior to CEE Josh spent time researching thermochemical storage cycles at ZAE Bayern outside Munich Germany and the Solar Energy Lab at the University of Minnesota. Josh obtained his Master’s degree (2008) and PhD (2012) in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Minnesota.


American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)
American Solar Energy Society (ASES)

Selected Publications

Merrin, Z., Franciso, P.W., Bohac, D., Quinnell, J. Olson, C., (2017) "An Evaluation of Strategies to Reduce Transport of Pollutants from Garages to Homes," AHSRAE Journal, (In Press).

Hewett, M. and Quinnell, J. (2016) "The Context for Energy Storage to Facilitate Renewable Energy in Minnesota," Technical Report, Center for Energy and Environment. Minneapolis, MN.

Merrin, Z., Franciso, P.W., Bohac, Quinnell, J. D., Olson, C., (2016) "Attached Garages: IAQ Implications and Solutions," ASHRAE IAQ 2016, Alexandria Va, Sep. 12-14, 2016.

Bohac, D., Quinnell, J., Hewett, M., Novacheck, J., Fitzgerald, J., Lutz, A., (2016) "Measuring Commercial and Institutional Pressures," ASHRAE Buildings XIII, Clearwater, Fl, Dec. 4-8, 2016.

Hauer, A., Quinnell J. A., and Läveman, E., 2013, “Energy Storage Technologies – Characteristics, Comparison, and Synergies,” Transition to Renewable Energy Systems, 1st ed, Wiley-VCH.

Quinnell, J. A., Davidson, J. H., 2013, “Heat and mass transfer during sensible charging of a hybrid absorption/sensible storage tank,” Solar Energy Special Invited Issue on Heating and Cooling.

Quinnell, J. A., and Davidson, J.H., 2012, “Distributed solar thermal: Innovations in thermal storage,” Annual Review of Heat Transfer, 15, pp 7 – 35, doi: 10.1615/AnnualRevHeatTransfer.2012004617 



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