CEE provides practical, innovative, energy solutions for homeowners, businesses, nonprofits, and government…because people use energy every day.

Energy Programs

CEE provides a range of practical and cost-effective programs to help Minnesota homeowners, businesses, nonprofits and governments reduce energy waste and save money.  CEE services include home diagnostics, evaluation of performance and government energy savings initiatives. Read More

Lending Center

CEE's Lending Center provides low interest financing for energy improvements for homeowners, rental renovation and businesses and nonprofits in Minnesota. CEE provides competitive rates, technical assistance, and a wide range of financing that can be tailored to fit your budget.  To date, CEE has originated more than 20,000 loans resulting in over $150 million in investment.  Read More


CEE's highly skilled technical staff uses field and market research to investigate real world problems, identify solutions and create practical and cost-effective programs designed to help homeowners, businesses, nonprofits and governments save energy and improve their buildings.  Read More

Engineering Services

CEE's engineers work to optimize your buildings’ performance and energy efficiency using existing systems and equipment.  We focus on all systems and equipment that use energy and affect energy consumption; this includes everything from HVAC equipment to building automation systems to building envelopes to lighting. Read More

Innovation Exchange

The Innovation Exchange is CEE’s hub for researching, synthesizing, and pioneering energy efficiency solutions. Our activities are grounded in the living lab of CEE programs, and emphasize practical approaches that harness direct insight from field experience.  Read More

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