Engineering Services

Engineering services play a key role in CEE’s nonprofit mission to promote energy efficiency that strengthens our economy while improving the environment. We offer a number of services to help building owners and managers better understand their building's energy use and improve the operation of equipment and systems. 

Efficiency is every company’s lowest-cost option for energy savings, empowering building owners to take control of their energy bills in very practical ways. With a keen focus on reducing waste, our engineers’ also help clients reinforce their sustainability plans with practical action to cut harmful emissions while enhancing comfort. In addition to maximizing buildings’ use of energy, we are also committed to disseminating our findings through case studies, news releases, and blog posts that help inform best practices in energy efficiency and related fields. 

CEE is best positioned to take on difficult jobs with real potential for mission impact. Our engineering services division is staffed with professional engineers that have extensive experience in many types of facilities including manufacturing, healthcare, correctional, offices, K-12 schools, college campuses, ice arenas, parking ramps, and theatres.


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Existing Buildings

CEE has a number of services to help you better understand your building's energy use and improve the operation of your equipment and systems in order to reach your energy efficiency goals.

New Construction

CEE ensures that the right equipment and systems are incorporated at the design phase of a project and ensuring the equipment is installed correctly will save time, money, and energy down the road.