Engineering Services

CEE’s approach is to treat our clients’ buildings as if they were our own.  Our strong understanding of systems and our analytical capability allow us to find creative ways to optimize your buildings’ performance and energy efficiency using existing systems and equipment.  We focus on all systems and equipment that use energy and affect energy consumption; this includes everything from HVAC equipment to building automation systems to building envelopes to lighting. CEE’s engineering services staff, which includes five Professional Engineers, has extensive experience in many types of facilities  including manufacturing, healthcare, correctional, offices, K-12 schools, college campuses, ice arenas, parking ramps, and theatres. CEE customizes our products and services to meet the needs and expectations of our clients.

Commissioning Services

Our comprehensive and systematic process optimizes building operations, ensuring that once it has been installed equipment and systems perform as intended and meet occupant needs. Commissioning is recognized as one of the most cost effective energy saving activities available to building owners.


Understanding how your building uses energy helps identify opportunities for improvements and enhances your day-to-day performance management. CEE has developed low cost processes that allow building owners to assess their facilities and determine when to invest in energy efficiency.

Energy Intelligence

We combine the enhanced capabilities of "smart meters" with analytical software to identify patterns in building energy use. Our staff also offer training in facility management best practices and on-going performance verification to promote energy efficient operations.