Mike Bull at eLab Accelerator

April 1, 2014
This week Mike Bull, Director of Policy and Communications, is in Colorado at the Rocky Mountain Institute where select teams from around the country are meeting to engage in the eLab Accelerator, a 'bootcamp' for electricity innovation. The Accelerator is looking at three main issues, one of which is new utility business models, and inviting groups from around the country to have a broader conversation about the challenges and opportunities that exist in different contexts
Bull is attending as part of the Minnesota e21 Initiative team. The Center for Energy and Environment is one of eight stakeholder organizations working together on the e21 Initiative. The group formed last year to develop a new regulatory framework for utilities that tackles the changing energy, economy, and technology landscape.  
This gathering of stakeholders will put together an action-oriented process as phase I of the e21 Initiative. "Phase II of the project will focus on developing specific recommendations for evolving the statutory and regulatory framework in MN, as well as the utility business model. Phase III will focus on regulation and business model implementation." -Minnesota e12 Initiative page


More information on the e21 Initiative