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Introduction to Nancy Lange

Posted by Jenny Edwards  |  Date May 10, 2012  |  Comments 0

Nancy Lange joined CEE as Operations Manager of the Innovation Exchange in April 2012. In this guest post, she'll introduce herself and her vision of our role in a clean energy future. Since 1992, Nancy has held various positions with the Izaak Walton League of America’s Energy Program, a national conservation organization dedicated to preserving America’s natural resources, including by advancing a clean energy economy in the Upper Midwest.  Most recently, she served as Energy Program Director at the League’s Midwest Office in St. Paul, Minnesota, where she directed the League’s clean energy advocacy through legislation, regulatory action, and outreach to a broad range of stakeholders.

During my tenure at the IWLA, I collaborated with many skilled, committed colleagues to build a clean energy future for Minnesota. Collectively, we moved Minnesota to set nation-leading policies to acquire cost competitive renewable energy and energy efficiency resources. We persistently engaged with regulators, utilities, policymakers, and advocates to make sure Minnesota’s citizens and our environment benefited from these policies. In addition to infusing more clean energy into Minnesota’s resource mix, we also worked to reduce the impacts of the energy sector on public health and our natural resources. Some of our most notable achievements were setting standards to reduce mercury pollution from power plants, and phasing out aging coal-fired power plants.

Now I’m shifting gears from the advocacy-based projects at IWLA to join the Innovation Exchange at CEE, where I have an opportunity to accelerate Minnesota’s transition to a clean energy future. At the Innovation Exchange, we are working to build that future as efficiently, economically, and expeditiously as possible. Designed as a center for incubation, research and dissemination, the Innovation Exchange will advance “all things” energy efficiency. Our work will include priorities such as: research into best practices for energy efficiency; technical assistance and outreach so that these practices become more broadly adopted; and an exploration of new dynamics that are shaping Minnesota’s energy sector and how our state can best respond to these challenges.    

Lastly, the Innovation Exchange will serve as a platform for partnerships. I’ve been at this clean energy work long enough to know that order to accomplish big goals, we need to work as partners. Integral to the Innovation Exchange’s mission is collaboration with other organizations and individuals working to advance a clean, more energy efficient Minnesota. Watch for upcoming events and postings and please join us in this work! 


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Thumbnail and photos courtesy of DOE/NREL, Credit- Al Puente.


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