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Mobile Devices and Apps for Energy Audits

Posted by Lester Shen  |  Date March 6, 2012  |  Comments 0

At the Innovation Exchange, we’re curious how new technologies can save energy, but we don't limit our scope to HVAC systems and insulation. We’re also exploring how advances in information and communication technologies can contribute to energy savings. Over the next few weeks, i.e. will investigate how mobile devices and apps could transform residential energy programs.

Tablets and smartphones streamline data collection and information, making them practical and useful devices for energy auditors and technicians. There are few specialized apps for energy audits, but several existing ones can simplify home visits and improve communications with homeowners. CEE’s residential staff use mobile devices in the field, and we developed and implemented a web-based mobile approach to data collection and homeowner reporting. This series will feature insight from IT, Marketing and Communications, the Innovation Exchange, and Community Energy Services.

As more and more homeowners access energy information via mobile device, we anticipate an opportunity to expand our audience. Enlightening data visualization and “edutainment” could introduce new energy information, and mobile devices will serve as the platform to engage homeowners and encourage further learning, energy savings behaviors, and utility bill control. In the long-term, we believe apps can be a gateway to other energy technologies, including smart thermostats and the smart grid.  


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